About Us

Machiavelli Export has been working in the field of leather goods since 1962.

It is located in an optimal geographical triangle for the development of its products


the world capital of fashion, known for its creative designers


with its master crafts men

Santa Croce sull'Arno

with its many and famous tanneries

Machiavelli is Made in Tuscany

Through its long life leather hand craftsmanship processing, together with the dynamism of a familiar management, the Machiavelli brand products are manufactured: horse-riding, hunting and country life.
Elegant, classic, sporting they are produced by choosing the best skins (cow), are sewn hand crafts manly and finished in their minimal details getting more value during the passing of time.

Hunting’s accessories are among the most popular, especially for English customers. In fact, to make itself known in the world and to export its product abroad, the Machiavelli’s brothers are focused heavily on exhibitions and fairs. They have participated and still partecipate a thousands of fairs. They made known their brand all over the Europe, where the people come during the most important events of the year.

As evidence of this, about 10 years ago, an Irish customer tells like us “there is no woman in Ireland without Machiavelli’s bag”.